Apr 29

‘V Jewellery’ to become ‘V by Laura Vann’

‘V Jewellery’ to become ‘V by Laura Vann’

You may have heard us referring to the brand as V by Laura Vann over the last year and now we are making the big jump and changing everything from the website through to social, from V Jewellery to V by Laura Vann.

When V first started out in 2013, we weren't too sure that people would know what we sold unless we spelt it out for them (...Jewellery!) but as the brand has grown over the years, our confidence has also grown and we now feel it's time for us to drop 'Jewellery'. 

Our Creative Director & Founder, Laura Vann says ‘The ambiguous ‘V’ emblem has always lead people to ask what it represents. The letter V is the initial of my surname and is also a nod to the vintage influence behind the brand.'

Changing the brand name to V by Laura Vann enables us  to keep the brand's identity as 'V' while also giving the brand a personal feel. 

While our name is changing, rest assured we are still the same 'V' as we have been and quality and design, as ever is our main focus in providing our jewels to you.

We are going live with the change of brand name on 29th April 2019, so keep an eye out!



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