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Top Tips For Cleaning Your Jewellery | V By Laura Vann

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Jewellery | V By Laura Vann

No one wants to see their jewels lose their sparkle so we’ve put together this handy care guide that tells you how to ensure they stay pristine for years to come.

1. Store jewellery separately on a stand

It’s easy to think that putting your jewels away in a jewellery box will keep them safe, but in reality you could be causing more harm than good. Storing your jewellery on a stand actually helps keep them in the condition you bought them as pieces tarnish more easily in a box and can scratch or knock each other if stored together. Plus keeping them out on a stand has the added benefit of showing them off and reminding yourself of the gems you have.

2. Wear with care

If you’re like us and eager to wear your new jewellery at the first possible chance you might need to think about the routine in which you put on that new necklace! Always putting your jewellery on last when getting ready, even doing little things like applying make-up, perfume and hairspray before adding jewellery will ensure it’s kept immaculate. Avoid wearing your pieces while showering, swimming and sleeping to retain that fresh, out of the box condition.

3. Gentle Cleaning

Cleaning your jewellery gently with a polishing cloth will help it keep its colour and brightness. We also recommend using a toothbrush to gently clean behind larger stones to remove any dirt and grime to restore original shine. For silver items that are rhodium plated we recommend using a silver dip such as Brasso.

Follow all the above and your jewels will take you from season to season without fail.

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