A RING FOR Raven Smith

A Ring For Raven Smith

The Brief

Statement, unique and not too serious, just like its owner. A chunky college style ring with a big gem to make an impact.

The Consultation

Designing a bespoke ring from scratch started off as a little daunting for Raven. A signet style was quickly decided upon but the embellishment proved to be a trickier concept. Going from sharks through to abstract wave shapes and finally settling on a class ring with a digital text motif. When discussing stones Raven’s love for a blood red colour came to light, so a deep cabochon garnet was decided upon. In contrast with this large regal looking gemstone was to be a font reminiscent of computer coding, spelling out “RAVEN SMITH’S RING”

The Result

A ring like no other, with it’s bold inscription - leaving no doubt which wordsmith this ring belongs to! 18ct gold set with a stunning cabochon garnet, this signet style ring packs a punch in the best way imaginable.

“When I had the opportunity to create my own bespoke ring, I saw this as a vast and exciting project with limitless possibilities. Creating this ring with Laura has been a true joy. Through my imagination and her painstaking attention to detail, we were able to create something that is personal, unique, and beautiful.“ — Raven Smith


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