A Ring for Anna Vitiello

A Ring for Anna Vitiello

The Brief

Inspired by her dad’s chunky Napolise jewellery Anna wanted to create a bold design with a dome shape that lifted off the finger.

The Consultation

Anna wore her favourite necklace during the consultation and it soon became a source of inspiration. She wanted to recreate it’s chain-like woven texture and embellish the metal with a row of diamonds. Drawing from other nostalgic pieces like the strap of a Rolex watch, Laura and Anna were able to put together her dream ring. Anna was keen it would be a piece that she could add to her jewellery collection and wear daily, luckily her confident style meant that a bold piece would fit right in.

The Result

A ring with a domed top, chain texture and a bold, masculine edge. Set with baguette cut diamonds to add a touch of V’s signature deco design.

"It’s exciting because I get to put myself into one piece." — ANNA VITIELLO

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