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How To Layer Pendants | Ways To Wear Layered Necklaces

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Mastering the art of layering and combining your favourite, go-to pendants can be a challenging task! We're all often found guilty of putting on the same jewellery day in day out for ease and comfort (yes, even us too!). However, it is good to get the most out of your jewellery and this can easily be done with simple additions and combinations, giving the power to give your outfit the complete overhaul!


Top Tips for Layering Pendants & Necklaces:


1. Creating a balanced look when layering is essential.
2. Each pendant should compliment the one it is paired with, not look cluttered or get twisted amongst each other. Each piece should be displayed how it falls naturally.
3. It’s good to mix bold statement pieces with fine and delicate ones. Too many chunky pieces can distract from admiring the detail of your lovely jewels!
4. Ensure you consider what you are wearing at the time when layering. The simpler your outfit is, the more bold your jewellery can be! 
5. Go ahead! Mix metals, textures and stones when layering; this creates a more natural and interesting feel. It doesn’t need to match perfectly!




                Left Image: Paloma & Luna Pendant   
                 Right Image: Luna & Daphne Pendant



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