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Launching the 'Forever' Collection | A progressive response to consumerism

Launching the 'Forever' Collection | A progressive response to consumerism

The V tradition of holding a Breakfast Club is an event to mark the launch of a new collection as well as celebrating many of the wonderful people who have supported V throughout the years (with a side of Granola)! With the current lock down in full swing, we decided to put the V in Virtual and hold the Breakfast Club live on our Instagram where Designer Laura Vann hosted a cook-along and shared details of our Forever Hoops – the debut drop of the new Forever Collection.

Following a super enlightening IG Live experience with Laura, we wanted to give you a round-up of what she had to say:-


Tell us a bit about the Forever collection

The Forever collection is an offering of timeless classics that will be drip fed into our core range throughout the year. The first edit is this collection of vintage-inspired hoops, charms and huggies which encourages a layering/mix-and-match approach. Subsequent styles will follow and all pieces will be 'Forever' pieces that are core jewellery staples and designed to last a lifetime. By launching only one collection across the whole year, we're seeking to slow the release of newness down in a bid to combat over consumerism.

What makes the Forever Collection a ‘progressive response to consumerism’?

The Forever collection will be the only collection we launch this year. Normally we release two collections - Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter which consists of a multitude of earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets. This time, we've looked at the V collection as a whole and thought OK, what do we actually need to add to the collection rather than just bringing out a lot styles for the sake of the seasons. In effect, we're layering into our core offering with only styles we think we need and we're encouraging buyers to do the same with their personal collections. We want them to slowly grow a collection of Forever jewels by choosing wisely and timelessly so that they don't end up with fad pieces that are quickly removed and replaced.


You use the term, ‘Anti-fast fashion’ to describe the brand. In what way does this apply?

At V, we try to veer away from trend-led designs which seem to make a rapid exit from your jewellery box after a couple of months of wear! We believe that designs with longevity are more sustainable and therefore we seek to apply a classic aesthetic to contemporary styles. By basing our designs on styles such as Art Deco which have survived the test of time, we believe we will create lasting pieces that will forever be in style. Not only does this make our pieces more accessible to a wider age range of people, it also encourage people to treasure their jewellery season after season rather than throw it away.

What’s your favourite piece(s) from the collection and why?

This sounds so cliche but I do genuinely love and would wear every piece from this collection! At the moment, I’m pretty drawn to the Frances Gold Hoops and Shield Charms in Blue and Green. I have an emerald engagement ring and I think it’s a really nice way of tying sapphire blue in with a gem I wear everyday.

How important is sustainability and ethical practice to you as a brand founder?

It’s unbelievably important. When I started V back in 2013, we were already using recycled silver and I set out with the aim of combating overpriced throwaway trends with affordable, long-lasting jewellery. It wasn't really in fashion back then to have classic stone-set jewellery, and it still isn't really now (which is good)! But I think the more people become aware of the negative impact of short-lived trends, the more they understand and appreciate what we're offering. Over the past few years we’ve really honed in on these areas to ensure the entire 360 of V is a sustainable, ethical and honourable practice.

My dad Tim (who’s also a co-founder of the brand) has this phrase he always uses, “there’s no point having just one plate spinning, otherwise the rest will smash on the floor” rendering that one plate, whether it’s having a pretty Instagram or loads of sales – pointless! I really try to live by this quote and that’s why we’re always looking at how we can continue to keep V an environmentally friendly and principled brand to shop from.

The Hoop Edit of Forever is now available to shop and subsequent edits, including chains, signet rings and bracelets will be released throughout the year.

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