Jun 06

Thirteen Fine Rings

A new collection of exquisite colour gemstones and an array of step and faceted cut stones in 18ct gold and platinum.

Thirteen Fine Rings

I am thrilled to introduce our latest collection ‘Thirteen Fine Rings’.

This collection of 18ct gold and platinum rings comes two years after our first Bling Ring collaboration; a brand-defining project that saw us design bespoke rings for and with influential creative talents including Camille Charrière, Raven Smith and Self Esteem.

The pieces draw influence from those collaborations, along with my last 10 years of design work; Modern Deco in style, utilising playful accents of colour gemstones and an array of step and faceted cut stones.

Our signature “Buckle” design — a silhouette characterised by its use of negative space either side of a central stone — sees reinvention across the range, and we embrace our distinctive flat prong and bezel setting throughout.

A celebration of our roots, each piece is made in our hometown, Birmingham, by experienced craftsmen within the historic Jewellery Quarter. Proudly demonstrating our expertise, the collection utilises the artistry of highly skilled setters who meticulously channel set precious stones into 18 carat gold and a local lapidary who hand cuts our gemstones with the utmost precision.


What sets this collection apart is its commitment to accessibility and choice. We are a design-led brand and our passion lies in democratising contemporary Art Deco jewellery. Therefore, each ring offers the option of using SCS Sustainably Rated lab grown diamonds or GIA certificated natural diamonds, so clients have the power to choose what is right for them.


I envision these rings captivating not only the bridal market but also extending beyond. Much like the bespoke creations crafted alongside me in the Bling Ring, today's clients seek more than just a symbol of commitment; they want pieces that speak to their individuality. As such, these rings transcend traditional boundaries, appealing to anyone who values self-expression and distinctive design.




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