Custom made Engagement Rings from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Custom made Engagement Rings from Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Wrapped up with British Heritage and renowned as a national treasure, Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter was an easy location for us to entrust the responsibility of bringing our bespoke designs to life. The Jewellery Quarter is a globally recognised location, with the largest number of jewellery businesses in Europe operating in its parameters and the world’s largest Assay Office being found there. 


Whether it’s a characterful emerald or flawless diamond, Laura will personally source your perfect stones and our experienced craftsmen in Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery Quarter will finish your piece with unparalleled precision. We purchase diamonds from reputable dealers who adhere to the Kimberley Process – preventing conflict diamonds from entering the market. We can also work with Fairtrade gold upon request.


Sourcing the stones used throughout our Bespoke Service from Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery Quarter allows Laura to have full control of the ring’s design, guaranteeing the exact bespoke ring you dream up in the design process. 


After discussing the ring designs with the master craftsmen, Laura hand picks the stones directly from the stone suppliers in order to get you the best value for money without ever compromising on quality. 


If you opt for a face-to-face consultation with Laura this will take place in our Sutton Coldfield studio meaning you will be local enough to visit Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter after your appointment. Visit the UK’s jewellery centre in all its character and creativity and you’ll be able to see exactly why we wouldn’t pick anywhere else for our bespoke pieces


Working directly with your bespoke designer Laura, allows you to design and create a one-off piece that you can follow through every step of the process, a piece you won’t find on the highstreet, won’t see anyone else wearing and is made in the heart of Birmingham in the historic Jewellery Quarter instead of being made overseas.

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