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With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, we thought we would share our favourite places we visited from our last trip across the channel.



We found ourselves in the heart of shopping, cafes and bars staying in the W Paris Opéra. The word chic was regularly thrown around as we entered in awe of the hotel's refined interiors. Our room was aptly named the 'Wonderful Room' in which luxuriously black walls met with illusion mirroring, floor length draped curtains and a view to die for. Rows of Parisian windows studded into buscuit stone walls...heaven.



Our first night lead us to Paris' Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC) located on a great little street called Rue Saint-Sauveur which we would frequent again over the weekend. Omitting a hilarious, yet completely uncool second in a cheesy bar, our third and final evening saw us in Le Marais. Strolling around the area you'll find tonnes of amazing bars like Le Mary Céleste which saw us finish our last night with true Parisian style.



Oysters, burnt mackerel and even artichoke ice cream were on the menu this trip. We tested our culinary boundaries at Jones Restaurant which served up eight experimental courses in a raw environment of stripped down bricks and stone. Less ambitious, yet wonderfully chich was our meal at Restaurant Coquette in the W where we wolfed down delicious risotto. And finally we caved to le hamburger at Big Fernand back on our favourite Rue Saint-Sauveur. *NB smooth red wine accompanied all meals.



With little money after far too much shopping in Galaries Lafayette we decided to induldge our inner artist at Palais De Tokyo. Perhaps a little ambitious after a late night, their collection of conceptual exhibitions sought to expand our ideas of art within the realms of science and magnets. Leaving statically charged we took a while to marvel at the gallery's grandeur before crossing the bridge to the Eiffel Tower.


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