Feb 12

The Natural Stones Collection

This is no ordinary birthstone collection…

The Natural Stones Collection

The Natural Stones Collection is here.

We believe that jewellery should encapsulate a personal narrative, empowering you to wear it your way. Our collection, meticulously embodying raw and organic elements inspired by nature's precious rarities, invites you to either embrace or transcend the traditional boundaries of birth month or astrological sign.


Perhaps curating a bespoke lineup, be it for cultivating luck, courage or wisdom, or one that whispers sentimental tales for those you hold dear. This collection is your playground to express your unique power.


During the design process for this collection, we looked to the history and heritage behind each individual gemstone. We drew inspiration from tales of ancient civilisations weaving these stones into the most important aspects of their lives, be it for their perceived celestial connections or adorning themselves in gems under the belief that doing so would enhance powers and energies.


Each attachable gemstone charm seamlessly integrates with a selection of Modern Deco inspired chains, bracelets, and earrings. With our roots in elevating everyday style, this collection allows each piece to transform into a bespoke creation for the wearer, intended to resonate with their individual style and celebrate the beauty of nature’s rare gems.



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